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Mike Scheerer

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 Mike has been a huge asset in finding the right franchise to invest in while making sure that the selection is a good fit mirroring my personal goals. I am looking forward to Mikes' continued support and a long term business relationship as I seek other ventures down the road. Thank you Mike for all of your patience, help, and support during this journey.   - Milton C. Sallee, Sr.


You meet someone special in your life and suddenly your life changes. At a time when I was searching for a new direction, Mike and I were introduced. Mike assisted me in finding a business opportunity with huge potential. With his assistance negotiations went very much my way, and I am moving forward with all deliberate speed to make this new venture a success. Thanks Mike. Your personality, your diligence, and your professionalism were the cornerstone on this new venture. I highly recommend to any new clients they listen, learn, and let Mike help you to a new and bright future.

 - Mark Merris


Mike is a fantastic coach and mentor - insightful, astute, practical - he has provided exceptional guidance in finding my way through my career transition and life journey. He did so by establishing an excellent rapport and instilling confidence to gain thorough understanding of my background - my skills, abilities, professional goals and personal interests. He harnessed his wealth of experience to shape the options for my focus and direction. Then one by one, we went through the possibilities together, matching opportunities with my professional strengths and his uncanny insights into my character. This process led to finding a direction that fits for me and where I am at this stage of my career. I have gone through quite a series of challenges and Mike has been there along the way to help me when I needed it most. With his guidance, together with my spouse and dear friends, I reached my next step during some of the most difficult times I've had. For this I am, and will always be, grateful. I highly recommend Mike to any executive and senior professional who is seeking assistance with their career development and finding their way to more fulfilling and rewarding opportunities. 

 - Richard Warring


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